Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has accused Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi, of threatening participatory democracy in the state.
It said the Fayemi-led administration is lopsided and has shortchanged the Muslim community in the state.

MURIC Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, in a statement, yesterday, said Fayemi’s list of 14 commissioner nominees, which has one Muslim is “most disappointing and has blindfolded Muslims in Ekiti state.
“Fayemi is a Christian, he picked a Christian as deputy governor, a Christian as Chief of Staff, a Christian as Secretary to the State Government, 13 Christians out of 14 commissioners have now been nominated. The body language is very clear. Muslims do not matter to him. Fayemi has wittingly excommunicated participatory democracy from Ekiti State.
“This list is heavily lopsided. Fayemi is ill-advised. He has grossly shortchanged Muslims. How can he give us only one commissioner out of 14? What parameter did he use? This is most disappointing. Fayemi has blindfolded Muslims in Ekiti State. Muslims are not part of his government. Ekiti State executive is not truly representative. It is undemocratic. It is a sham. The disappointment is even more painful because governor Fayemi had been touted as a very liberal Christian. But see what he has done to us.
“Even in Ondo State, where the percentage of Muslims is lower, they were given four commissioners. That is what Governor Akeredolu did for Muslims in Ondo. He gave them four out of 14 and that is why the Muslims are not making any noise there. Justice is the soul of peace,” Akintola said.
He added that Fayemi betrayed and humiliated the Muslim community by allotting them one slot in his cabinet.
“Only Ayodele Jinadu is a Muslim out of his 14 commissioners. It could have been different if the Muslims had not said anything earlier, but they did. They asked for proportionate representation, but, this is what Fayemi gave them; an empty pot of porridge. Ekiti Muslims do not deserve this humiliation. It is a betrayal in view of the undiluted support they gave Fayemi during the elections,” Akintola added.

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