Ekiti as a state is synonymous for all-time iconoclastic exploits. This had been demonstrated umpteenth time in various human endeavours. The state has produced many bests in the legal field, checkout the likes of Afe Babalola (SAN),

Femi Falana (SAN), Justice Adekanye Ogunmoye, Wole Olanipekun (SAN) among others. These are giant legal luminaries standing tall in the legal enclave.
Ekiti as an iconoclastic state, has produced countless academic giants. The state got the sobriquet of Fountain of Knowledge, which further goes to lend credence to the scholastic enterprise that is traceable to every Ekiti man. It is unarguable that the possessiveness and nobility of knowledge inherent in every Ekiti descendant is today an unassailable identity.
In the entertainment industry, Ekiti is no doubt topping the chart with worthy entertainment ambassadors like Teni, Foluke Daramola, Yinka Ayefele, Odunlade Adekola, Zlanta, May D, Mosun Filani, and a host of other musical giants.
In my political interaction and association, I met a man in person of Senator Ayo Arise who further lent credence to the above discuss. Before his forage into politics, Senator Ayo Arise was known to be public-spirited in thinking and evaluation. His penchant in assuaging people’s anguish is unmatchable. Given his altruistic nature, he on several occasions sacrificed personal gains in the place of public interest, and this had positioned him on a pedestal of hero worship amongst his people because they appreciate his illimitable contributions to the development of his state.
Senator Ayo Arise’s boundless love and passion for his people imbued him when he unilaterally facilitated the establishment of a Federal University in his home town, Oye-Ekiti. Today, the host community (Oye-Ekiti) is the fastest developing town in Ekiti, as the influx of people into Oye is the highest in Ekiti. And the good side of this is the socio-economic impact on the people and the host community. A plot of land in Oye today sells for as high as N500,000. Accommodation is now one of the hottest businesses in town as the university keeps increasing its faculties and departments. Just of recent, the University of Oye Pre-degree school was established in Itapa-Ekiti, and this had tremendously increased the spate of commercial activities and other anxiciliary enterprises which is shaping the people’s standard of living.
Through the establishment of the University, many have been directly and indirectly employed depending on one’s nature of service or trade. The University Faculty of Agriculture in Ikole-Ekiti is no little blessing to the people of Ikole, and its environs. During the negotiation for the establishment of the university, this Ekiti finest man (Senator Ayo Arise) in character and morals had the raw opportunity of ennobling himself but out of love for his people, disregarded the way of selfish aggrandizement.
Earlier before the establishment of the Federal University of Oye Ekiti, Senator Ayo Arise was the one who unrelentingly facilitated the establishment of UBA bank and National Directorate of Employment at Oye-Ekiti. UBA bank in Oye-Ekiti is now being used by all and sundry, even those outside Oye town. The National Directorate of Employment branch in Oye-Ekiti plays host to thousands of individuals who come for training, and the multiplier effect of this can only be quantified on the economy of the town.
Going by developmental parameters, Oye is almost the noblest town that is blessed with great men. In Ekiti, posterity will never be adjudged to be fair without a thunderous mention of Senator Ayo Arise’s giant strides at repositioning the town. Through his recommendation, hundreds have been helped into the military and para-military professions and other noble human endeavors, and many have found the greener pasture beyond the shores of Nigeria through his influence; many have also gained admissions while others were sponsored in various higher institutions of learning.
Arise as a man of cosmopolitan exposure worked with so many organizations including the Alabama A&M University, the Whole Sale marketing company in Tucker, Georgia, where he left as a manager before joining Web Stars Inc. in Norcross, Georgia, as Chief Executive for half a decade. He managed many bid processes and project management through the general Services Administration of the State of Georgia. In his stint at the Services Administration, Georgia, he efficiently and proficiently coordinated all defence department related opportunities for the organization. Senator Ayo Arise single-handedly built the processor for MasterCard in the entire continent of Africa, and he is the current Chairman of Fortune Games Nigeria Limited, and he is also the present Board Chairman, Sheda, Ministry of Science and Technology.
As a Senator in the 6th Senate, he was the chairman, Senate Committee on Privatization, a committee where he put forth stellar performances. The privatization bid was adjudged to be open and transparent during his chairmanship.
While in the Senate, he sponsored Bills and some were passed and signed while others were later amended and signed into law. Through his cosmopolitan brainpower, Nigeria launched into the world of e-commerce with the issuance of MasterCard by many banks between 2003 and 2007. Senator Ayo Arise also introduced the electronic bill in 2008, while in the Senate. Luckily, the bill was amended and passed by the National Assembly, and later signed into law by the president in 2015.
In early 2000, Arise established cards technology in Nigeria which was novel but later recognized by the Central Bank of Nigeria as a value added service provider to promote electronic commerce in Nigeria. Today, the ease of e-banking and e-transaction are unquantifiable because this has been commended to be a milestone achievement.
To further entrench e-commerce, Ayo Arise in his persuasive appeal has called on MasterCard International to approve some banks in Nigeria to issue MasterCard International.
As a seasoned techno administrator, Senator Ayo Arise is a pioneer member of the committee on Guidelines on Electronic Commerce in Nigeria. His unadulterated penchant for e-commerce saw him manage many card projects, and is a member of the Imaging Association of America (IAA), and countless other international organizations that review card business across the globe. Arise is a man who is always ready to defy all odds to achieve his set goals, he is both a certified Hardware engineer and a certified Microsoft professional.
In the 6th senate, Senator Ayo Arise was one of the active and ebullient microscopic few that championed a noble course for his people. He was always busy working nineteen to the dozen. He moved a motion for the establishment of CBN affiliate in Ado-Ekiti, and the PMB’s administration has almost finished the construction of the branch. He as well proposed that Ekiti and Ondo be jointly considered for a branch of Lower Niger River Basin Development Authority, instead of linking both states with Benin. Senator Ayo Arise was always imbued with life uplifting advocacy.
Going by his unsullied records, his profile for human development remains unsurpassable as no Ekiti man has ever meaningfully touched lives in the way and manner he has hunky-dorily exemplified.

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