Ekiti State governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi yesterday inaugurated an eight -man Advisory Council on Prerogative of Mercy and Seven -man Chieftaincy Review Commission.

The committees were set up by the state government to implement the administration of criminal justice reform and address the plethora of petitions , complaints and requests on chieftaincy matters in the state.

The governor during the inauguration in Ado Ekiti yesterday , said the two committees were critical to good governance in the state, adding that that informed the careful selection of members.

Speaking on the Chieftaincy Review Commission, Fayemi said his government had in less than two months after inauguration , received no fewer than 100 petitions arising from the outcome of the report of the Justice Oyewole Chieftaincy Commission .

He added that the commission became imperative in order to have a more comprehensive approach to addressing the agitations and requests .

“ We received no fewer than 100 petitions , complaints , requests from many communities and I felt it wasn ’ t proper for us to begin to address these chieftaincy complaints issues on case by case basis and it will be helpful to us to have a much more comprehensive approach . What became the source of complaints by many of them is the outcome of the report of Justice Oyewole Chieftaincy Commission ” .

“ Looking into history , we were keen to look for someone who has both institutional memory and professional ability to navigate this very stormy water. “Many of you may recall that Justice Aladejana had done this before under Otunba Niyi Adebayo and we felt it is better to bring someone who has deep knowledge of this and also of our history as a state and can handle these petitions as well as help us propose ways out of the issues raised according to the terms of reference” , he said.

On the advisory council on prerogative of mercy , the governor noted that many awaiting trial detainees have been languishing in prison; adding that convicts should be given pardon on a careful examination of their cases to determine whether to give them a second chance or not .

“ The big challenge to us in this state is that we have so many people who are languishing in prison awaiting trial for offences that may not frankly worth leaving somebody there for months and years .

There are those who have been convicted who have served terms who have been found either by their conduct in prison by the prison authority to deserve being given a second chance because of the way they behaved in incarceration , and there has to be a proper way to do this beyond just ad hoc visit by the governor or the chief judge of the state declaring people free without a careful look into their situation , ” Fayemi said .

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