The College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti, has inaugurated an ultramodern multimedia e-learning management system equipment and e-library facilities for the use of staff and students.

The facilities were donated by the ICT University Foundation, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States following a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two institutions.

Under the agreement, the college now has the opportunity to award top-up degree of ICT University in all accredited programmes from bachelors to doctorate levels.

The equipment included Apple/Nac Computers, multimedia headsets, routers noodle, web fex platform and web servers, which were received under the first batch of facilities from the US varsity.

The inauguration of the facilities kick-started the online programmes in the college, in which lecturers and students will now interact beyond the classroom environment.

The Provost, Prof. Mojisola Oyarekua, said the facilities would eenable the staff and students acquire relevant skills and knowledge that would give them competitive edge above their peers.

She noted that her administration initiated strategic partnership and institutional collaboration with the ICT University Foundation to improve the quality of teaching and learning and to encourage staff development and training.

She identified other benefits of the partnership to include online training of academic staff, exchange opportunities for lecturers, students and administrators.

The provost explained that researchers from the college will have the opportunity of staying in the US between six months and one year for their research projects in areas mutually beneficial to the two institutions.

The college, she added, would also benefit from grants to promote research and opportunities for the academic staff to do their sabbatical at the Southern University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US to promote cross fertilisation of knowledge.

Mrs. Oyarekua said: “It is worthy of note that this rewarding academic partnership has underscored the readiness of our administration to place the college on the path of academic excellence, innovations and remarkable exploits.

ICT University President Prof. Victor Mbarika is hopeful that the new facility would change the face of teaching, learning and research at the college.

Mbarika, a Cameroonian, said ICT is the way to go in the 21st Century and a catalyst to spread of knowledge in the digital age.

He said: “Students of the college will now have access to learning anywhere on the campus through their phones which will receive signals from this centre.

“Students can access information online and not through the library any longer. The electronic age has come to stay and nobody can stop it.

“From now on, college students will be able to access their courses online, read their books online and download materials.”

Mbarika also added that training on e-learning will be available for the staff with Certificate in e-learning Proficiency to be awarded at the end of the training.

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